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I'm a small business owner, and I do all of my own bookkeeping. I'm not very confident with doing paperwork, so I get a tax service to help me out to lodge my tax returns and business activity statements each quarter. Having someone who knows what they are doing look over my tax documentation makes me feel more confident about the way that I am doing my paperwork and is a good way to catch any little errors I am making with the bookkeeping. This blog is all about the best ways to use tax services if you are a small business owner.


Handling Land Taxes Effectively in the Property Market

21 September 2016
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Australia has seen huge increases in property values compared with ten years ago. Although this has been great for a range of property investors, it has meant that the vexed issue of land taxation has caused an ever greater amount of hassle. In the most recent few years, property in many Australian states has only seen minimal growth overall—and there has even been decline in some areas—but overall people with a portfolio of property investments are paying more tax than a decade ago. Read More …

Property Depreciation: Are You Undervaluing Your Depreciation?

21 September 2016
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Buildings and assets within a property have a finite usable life, and they depreciate or lose their value over time. The tax authority allows property owners to claim this amount of depreciation as a deduction against their taxable income. Property depreciation can offer significant savings; however, many owners do not claim the full amount of depreciation that they are entitled to. How do you know whether you are claiming all the deductions allowable against your taxable income? Read More …