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I'm a small business owner, and I do all of my own bookkeeping. I'm not very confident with doing paperwork, so I get a tax service to help me out to lodge my tax returns and business activity statements each quarter. Having someone who knows what they are doing look over my tax documentation makes me feel more confident about the way that I am doing my paperwork and is a good way to catch any little errors I am making with the bookkeeping. This blog is all about the best ways to use tax services if you are a small business owner.


How to Avoid Unwanted Questions After Tax Day

27 May 2019
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In a world that seems to be predictable and even boring, it's nice to stand out from the crowd. Indeed, you may take pride in your individuality and think that it is a strong asset when it comes to both your business and personal life. However, there are times to stand out and there are times to blend into the background, and Tax Day may be one of the latter. If the deadline is approaching and you need to send in that all-important return, why do you need to be careful and make sure that you don't raise any red flags over at the ATO? Read More …